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graphic design

brand identity

web design

video editing

music production

Featured Work

Regal Games

Brand Identity, Product & Packaging Design

As a designer for Regal Games, I have designed card games and board games, from concept to packaging. I also led the redesign of their website and managed various photoshoots and video shoots

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Brand Identity, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Packaging

SoFlow is a European e-mobility company with a unique personality. As the lead designer of its US branch, I designed various items' packaging, digital ads, banners, flyers, and various iterations of the US website.

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Brand Identity, Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media

With Bixbee, I have led the redesign of the brand's website and designed most of its print and web collaterals for years. I've worked closely with Bixbee's founder and creative director on the development of new products such as backpacks, sleeping bags and more.

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Brand Identity, Catalog, Displays, Website, Digital Marketing

As head of creative at Taqtful, I have led and executed the redesign of remodeez's packaging and branding message, adding an angle of inspiration and emotion where it used to be just function and technicality.

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Packaging Design

An established electronics manufacturer needed a brand redesign. I designed a series of packaging designs that could apply to the company's entire product line, each with its own fun, witty, unique personality.

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My experience

Having worked as a designer, illustrator, web designer, and multimedia artist since 2014, I have worked for over 20 clients, each with a unique brand and different goals. My skills include brand development, graphic design, digital marketing, web design, and more. Furthermore, I am also experienced in various multimedia fields including video editing, motion graphics, and music production. In my experience designing and building brands throughout the years, I have always prioritized the unique goals of each brand, and used various strategies to take each brand to the next level.

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