Website Redesign

Despite driving traffic from ads, influencers, and paid search, InBrace's website has not yielded enough leads. As part of the Marketing team, I helped the Software team analyze user data and find opportunities for improvement on the website.

As a result, we concluded that the user flow needs to be majorly simplified, and the UI streamlined to facilitate user actions we wanted. I designed the new pages below using Figma, combining pages and simplifying content that the previous team had created.
Shortened landing page – This landing page's purpose is to encourage users to find an InBrace provider in their area, but its cluttered layout made users miss the main call-to-action and drop off prematurely. To make it more effective, I moved the "Find a Provider" section to the top and designed a slider of testimonial videos, giving InBrace credibility without overwhelming the user.
Combined informational page – The two original pages contained similar content, and it was not clear to the user which page contained the information they need. To solve this problem, I combined these pages, making the content more concise and the UX more intuitive.

UI for Web Application

In addition to the website, I also designed the user interface for an application used as a sales tool for potential providers. This app calculates potential revenue added if an orthodontic practice adopts InBrace, showcasing the value of InBrace.

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