Refreshed Brand Identity

InBrace is a refreshing brand of orthodontic treatments built on innovation and providing customers with their best smiles. To reflect that, the visual identity of InBrace is therefore vibrant, full of energy, and focused on the individuality of its customers. I was part of a small team that led the brand refresh in 2022, developing and fine-tuning the design system to reflect the company's elegant yet youthful tone. Additionally, I created ads, training videos, and a wide breadth of marketing collateral for consumers and orthodontists alike.

Office Design

In addition refreshing the brand, InBrace expanded to a new manufacturing facility and renovated its HQ. I was one of two lead designers for both buildings, designing everything from the layout to individual pieces of wall art. The below are a few examples of art that I designed for the buildings (some are renderings to avoid showing confidential information).

Social Media

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